About Me

San Jose State University, May 2019
Photo Credits: Chris Chu


My name is Sophia Roque, and I am a recent college graduate from San Jose State University with two bachelor degrees in both History and Social Science Teacher Preparation. I currently work for a non-profit organization called Citizen Schools, and am enrolled in the National Teaching Fellowship as a Teaching Associate, and later a Teaching Fellow.

I typically write about my experiences as a queer, Filipino American navigating through the daily grind of life of an educator. I also provide some insight on book and travel reviews, responses to articles, and recommendations. Through this medium, I hope to share my experiences as an aspiring educator with an emphasis in history and ethnic studies, and connect with others in any way possible. I hope that my story sheds lights on others, and that I continue to grow not only as an educator, but as a Filipina as well.

Pease feel free to give me any feedback, insight, or comments!

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